Build 44 is complete!

Added a lot of features this week, but few got completed. So, there's a lot of half-baked interesting ideas in this version. Added water, but it only somewhat works visually. The water behaves nothing like real water at the moment. It doesn't move and is essentially an invincible block. Think of it as a blue translucent rock for the moment.

I fixed the ocean so that it shouldn't look so bizarre. Now Ocean will be drawn into any region that is not loaded by the client. The client also will draw a few extra ocean areas attempting to take the ocean to the horizon.


Build 43 ready to rock!

This update includes a block studio which will allow you to create buildings or trees that the game will include randomly as the world is generated!

As usual, see the downloads page to try the new build.

Block Studio can be accessed from the main screen with the button in the lower right. It currently says "Connect To Server". The block studio is works but is unfinished and can use some polish to make it easier to use. Move your creation from the block_studio_saves folder to the structures\trees folder or structures\buildings to have the server use it in game.


New Build up at long last

After a few months of wandering in the desert, I have arrived with a new version of the game. Build 42 is up for Download. I'll will do my best to make updates once a week again.

There are some interesting changes with added Crystals for crafting and unlocking the rest of the world. You'll have to improve the crystal with the materials you dig up to allow its light to shine on the dark world. Crafting also got a major overhaul. Upgrade your weapons with the materials you gather as well, specializing them for particular bad guys or just make them well rounded. It's up to you.


Gameplay modes

After some feedback, I've realized that I need to give the game its basic game mode next. I have a few ideas about what I'd like to do, but nothing that I'm ready to commit to just yet. So, this week I am planning on focusing on making a basic version of a game mode (other than the existing free build mode). This means some limitations on what you can do and a few goals to meet so a player can "win." This update may take a bit longer since I'm not sure what I'll be doing and this will likely be a fairly large change to the game code.


Build 41 Released!

Download game here. I completed all my goals for the week, but didn't have time for the extra goal. The change to allow "stepping up" on a nearby block instead of just running into the block may have created a few bugs I am not aware of just yet. I also had to disable the World Smasher PowerSlam ability as a new bug caused the server to go bonkers and send a steady stream of blocks to the inventory for a minute or so. This caused the server to basically lock up and stop responding.

Update soon

I was hoping to have the new build up already, but I have a particularly obnoxious bug that I really need to solve. The World Smasher Earth Borer ability sends the player to the bottom of the zone when it is used. I was expecting that changing the collision code to allow for stepping up would cause a few hard to solve bugs, so this isn't a surprise exactly. At any rate, I think I've pinpointed the problem and hope to have a functioning build up soon.


This Week's Update (Apr 14, 2013)

Going to try to post what I'm focusing on each week.

This week's goals:
= add sounds to WorldSmasher character
= add some animation to WorldSmasher's abilities (some spin up to Earth Borer ability for example)
= add a few new grenades (bigger blast radius)
= allow for stepping up over 1 block instead of running into the block and stopping
= add a few new materials
= Fix a few bugs from previous build

Bonus goals:
= add lights

Weekly updates

My goal is to post an update once a week, probably on Friday. I will attempt to make this release as stable and bug free as possible. My plan is to try to implement a few new features in that time and fix a few of the most glaring and annoying bugs. If I am implementing a large feature the update may take two weeks. I'll try not to make the updates any less frequent than that unless something unusual occurs.


How to help

A number of you have asked some questions that made me realize that I need to clarify a few ideas. One, I didn't give very clear instructions on what kind of feedback/testing I wanted. Two, I didn't really explain what the game is supposed to be (because it hasn't been decided). So hopefully the following will clear up those questions.

Build 40 Released!

Build 40 is available for download. See the download page for more information.