Update list

Build 53 updates

New Features
-- Added music, 5 new songs will get played in rotation, check the credits button for song information
-- Added credits button to main screen
-- Added warning to game about bugs and where to go and what to do about them
-- Added 1 new tree and 1 new building to the randomly generated terrain
-- When starting a local game, login screen will no longer be shown

Bugs that should now be fixed
-- Explosions near region borders don’t affect blocks in other region
-- Soil cannon doesn’t seem to work at all
-- Water doesn’t expand over Region borders
-- Explosion sphere mesh needs normal interpolation so it doesn’t look so blocky
-- Loading a game for WorldSmasher gets his size wrong

List of goals (a few should make it into each new build)

Bottom of world needs something drawn as long as camera can clip through walls
Camera clipping and collisions needs to be redone.
Interface needs redone: better artwork, better placement of things
Need to group items together, all bombs as an item type, all picks as an item type
Add paint brush & paint bombs to game
Add resources, energy and paint (color?)
Change sending code to only send the relevant terrain blocks to improve performance and reduce hacks
Make explosions bigger for bigger bombs
Add player creation tool
Add additional natural color scheme types (vegetation and whatnot, i.e. Jungle, island, etc.)
Allow players to change colors of world on startup, custom color palettes
Add default story
Add another world smasher type
Add custom story tool to game
Bug Reporting system
Add items to pickup
Add grass and other clutter
Make pick and other tools be on repeat if it makes sense
Block Studio – improve tools, add color copier (part of paintbrush?)
Add more sound effects
Improve loading screen
Add more caves
Add more loot to caves and ruins
Add grid lines to transparent blocks
Add shadows to players and perhaps mobs
Reduce lag for multiplayer
Improve multiplayer movement code
Replace Pick with laser cutter (or color breaker or something to give it a new feel)
Explosions should scale better to the size of bomb being used

Previous changes
Build 52 changes