How to help

A number of you have asked some questions that made me realize that I need to clarify a few ideas. One, I didn't give very clear instructions on what kind of feedback/testing I wanted. Two, I didn't really explain what the game is supposed to be (because it hasn't been decided). So hopefully the following will clear up those questions.

Feedback that would be helpful
What three things did you enjoy most about the game?
What three things most need changed?
Was the WorldSmasher a fun character?
How easy was it to understand the controls? Any issues with controls?
What resolution did you play at?
What frames per second did you get and did the game seem to run smoothly? (change the line VerticalSync=Y to VerticalSync=N in the file config/graphic_settings.ewf. You can use any plain text editor like Notepad.)
How old is your computer and what graphics hardware does it have?
What kind of gameplay mode do you think you would like to see first? (see below, add a new mode if you think of something else)

Gameplay modes
I have plans to make several modes of playing the game. In fact, I have too many ideas at this point and will need to focus on 2 or 3 modes. Obviously, a free build with unlimited resources will be included since that is mostly complete and is basically a good test mode.

Some potential game modes
1. Free build
2. Treasure digging RPG style game
3. Competitive Destruction mode: each player picks a WorldSmasher and for a set time (say 5 minutes) tries to destroy as much terrain as possible while preventing the other players from winning
4. Tag style game with 1 WorldSmasher and other players try to catch/neutralize the WorldSmasher
5. Expansion game against hostile environment. Players begin with small safe area that must be expanded through resource gathering to defeat bad guy hiding deep in the hostile environment.
6. Team fortress type game

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