Build 41 Released!

Download game here. I completed all my goals for the week, but didn't have time for the extra goal. The change to allow "stepping up" on a nearby block instead of just running into the block may have created a few bugs I am not aware of just yet. I also had to disable the World Smasher PowerSlam ability as a new bug caused the server to go bonkers and send a steady stream of blocks to the inventory for a minute or so. This caused the server to basically lock up and stop responding. I also disabled mobs (the critters) as something in the server code with those guys was causing the server to get slower and slower. With 16 regions, the server would have a few seconds lag at times. It was there last build too, I just didn't find it until earlier this week.

So, enjoy the newly revamped step up feature and the new shiny Earth Borer spin up. I rather like the spin up noise.

I almost replaced the trees in game with trees made with blocks since the trees seem out of place and require and extra processing on both client and server. If anyone has an opinion on replacing them, I'd like to hear it. The replacement trees would look somewhat blocky, of course, but would probably use some of the wedge shaped pieces.