Build 44 is complete!

Added a lot of features this week, but few got completed. So, there's a lot of half-baked interesting ideas in this version. Added water, but it only somewhat works visually. The water behaves nothing like real water at the moment. It doesn't move and is essentially an invincible block. Think of it as a blue translucent rock for the moment.

I fixed the ocean so that it shouldn't look so bizarre. Now Ocean will be drawn into any region that is not loaded by the client. The client also will draw a few extra ocean areas attempting to take the ocean to the horizon.

Added a graphics option so that you can turn off the grid lines, the distortion overlay, and the colors as you desire. The color one is really more for testing and allows you to see the shading (and all of the shading issues).

I also changed the draw order algorithm to increase performance. (front to back for opaque blocks, then back to front for translucent ones) Order is determined by your view angle. Also, I changed the way the game tracks nearby regions so that next week a much larger world should be possible. At this point the game only allows an 8x8 grid of regions, but after I allow both the client and server to drop unused regions as needed (save in the case of the server), a much larger world will be a possibility. Otherwise the client just holds on to all the regions until your computer bogs down. I also made several other engine performance changes so hopefully it will run faster while drawing more terrain.

This next week I plan on trying to clean up most the features I half implemented this week so next week's version should be a better game.

As always, see the download page for the latest build.