Build 46 ready

Well, this update took far too long but I didn't have much time to work as my 3rd child was born a few weeks ago. I didn't document very well this build but here is the main changes this build:

- added torches as a light source. Torches can be thrown and placement is in the center of the block. There are still a few placement issues and torches may appear to float instead of attaching to the nearest wall
- Each player has a light can be turned on or off by pressing the Z key.
- Errors with torches: torches can't be removed and are not saved by the server yet, so if the server is shut down all torches will be lost. Logging in and out will have a similar effect as the server doesn't send the torch data to a new client either.
- added UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) for router configuration. I only tested this with one router so it is possible there are some non-standard cases where UPnP may fail.
- fixed a number of drawing bugs with removing blocks and the bottom of the world was visible.
- added an option for the install program to prompt for administrator access (which is needed to install OpenAL)

Next build:
adding mobs and some game rules back in.