Build 48

I'm going to do my best to release somewhat stable builds every 2 weeks. This means that there will be less visible changes per build, but it should keep my changes more focused and allow for better feedback from you. Download the new version on the Download page.

Quick list of changes:
-- Added 2 new block shapes. I call them peak wedge and valley wedge. There are two ways to draw these depending on the shape of the triangles. I'll need some help deciding which way is better. I know which way I'm leaning but it'd be good to hear what you think. Collisions with these blocks is not correct, partly because it depends on which way I choose to draw them.
-- Added a draw distance option in the graphics menu. Not fully implemented and it will cause some strange looking "holes" in the terrain.
-- Removed the collision code for the camera as it was really annoying and needs a bit of an overhaul. As a result, you can move the camera into the ground allowing you to see some strange things
-- Fixed bug that prevented creation of humanoid characters in Freebuild mode