Builld 50 is complete

Got a lot of great changes to water done this week. Download here.

    Water changes along with outstanding water issues

Water now spreads to fill in all adjacent holes.
Water should look better and overlaps wedge blocks now.
There are still some graphical errors with regards to water but I hope to clean most of these little issues up for the next build.
Water physics are still a bit strange as you don't loose momentum in the water and you will keep floating away until you hit a solid block.
Need to add some sound to water when player is in it
Need to add a filter over the screen when camera is in water
Need to animate water
Need to make water reflect some light
need to make water distort the things below the surface.


Bombs will now make other shape blocks when used on terrain (wedges of various types)
Explosions of any kind will send some small portion of the blocks exploded flying through the air

Fixed a few bugs here and there