WorldSmasher is a building block type game where destroying what you made (or what someone else made) is just as important and fun as the building. Part Minecraft, part Katamari, and part SimCity disaster, WorldSmasher will hopefully be a fun and interesting addition to the building block genre. If you enjoy LEGOs or Minecraft, but thought either could use a bit more wrecking ball, then give WorldSmasher a try.

Play as either a humanoid (cylinder people at the moment) or as a slightly confused, deranged ball of destruction known as Higgy the World Smasher. Build the world and then wreck it as a World Smasher.

How to Play

Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Currently, the game is a free download while I work out a few more bugs. Once I get more feedback on playability and fun, I plan on offering a for sale version of the game. There will always be a free demo available.

So, come, join the fun and help shape WorldSmasher.

thanks and enjoy the game,
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