Here is where the bugs live. You may notice many of them. Try to be patient, as I'm doing my best to stamp those pesky guys out as fast as I can without making new ones. Since the quality assurance department consists of me, I'll probably miss a few. But you can help! If you find an issue with the game that isn't listed, email me. If you have an idea on how to improve the game, you can send that as well. I can't promise to put your idea into the game, but I will consider it.

Bug List for build 53 (ones I know about)
Server crashes on log out and then restarting server without closing client program
Fix pre-made building & tree placement code
Fix shading for wedges and sides of blocks (see blocks under water for example of side blocks being too bright)
Shading of some bricks under trees seems far too dark.
Update help screen to reflect controls (take into account controller)
Water drawing code is wrong for lower drawing of surface of water when under bricks. Top side seems to get it right other than color is not correct.
Sometimes client crashes on World starting in Release mode. Likely a memory issue as crash seems random
North side of water block under solid block at surface level drawing water level all the way to above block
Extender pick: sometimes when close to the point where the 3 blocks would go from one direction to another, the system chooses the wrong direction.
Being in a cave that is under water has issues. Player can be forced up into the blocks and can’t move; camera gets wonky too.
Block place in block studio often seems to select a position further away than desired.
Soil Projectiles don’t always land at the correct time if there is much lag. Going to have to tag projectiles with landing times or send the block updates with a time stamp for when they should be processed so that there is not much of a difference between a projectile appearing to land on the client and the new block being drawn in.
About half of soil projectiles don’t land for some reason; it appears that they may be landing somewhere else in the world, likely another region

Send new bugs to: neil@worldsmasher.com