Questions & Answers

How does this game work?
First off, this is a multiplayer game programmed in the Client/Server model. This means that the server does most of the work of saving the data and tracking what happens. You can't play without it. The server can be run on your computer or another computer.

Unzip the download into a folder of your choice. Click on WorldSmasher.exe.
If playing a new game, click start game. Type a name for your game and hit the request login button. This will start the server program WS_server.exe. Then click request login button again to log into the game. (I plan on making this easier and more automated very soon)

If you want to connect to someone else's game (or a game already running on your own computer), click the "connect to game" button. Enter the IP address and port number the server program is running on. You can use the public server button to see who else has a server running.

Note: If the computer you are attempting to connect to is behind a firewall or router (that your computer is not behind), port forwarding will need to be configured to allow other computers to access the server program (WS_server.exe). Google "port forwarding" and the model of your router to figure out how to do this.

How is a server a Public Server?
Currently, when WS_server.exe starts up, it will connect to server listing service if requested (an option on start up). The server listing service will then try to connect back to the server program. If a connection is made both ways, your server will be listed in the public server list.

I don't see my save game in the list!
The game loader checks the version of the save file before loading it to ensure compatibility and to prevent accidental save corruption. As this is an alpha version of the game, please make a backup of all save files that you want to keep before installing a new version of the game. Then edit the gameMaster.ewrg file and change the first line from ver=OLD# (where OLD# is the previous build number) to ver=NEW# (where NEW# is the current build number). I plan on adding this as an automated feature in the future.

I'm confused. How do I play?
Read this page or hit the escape key (while playing) to bring up a menu. Click on the "How to Play" button.

Does this game run on Mac, Linux, XBOX, PS3, IPhone, Android, etc?

No, just Windows computers at this time.

Why are some of the players crudely painted cylinders?

Because I'm a bad artist, but mostly because I haven't redone them yet. I initially made one for collision testing and never replaced it. I do plan on making them more detailed and animated so they look more alive.

What port does the server run on?

The default is 7911, but you can run it on any valid port (anything between 1024 and 49151). Just specify the port you want on start up under Advanced Options.