Gameplay modes

After some feedback, I've realized that I need to give the game its basic game mode next. I have a few ideas about what I'd like to do, but nothing that I'm ready to commit to just yet. So, this week I am planning on focusing on making a basic version of a game mode (other than the existing free build mode). This means some limitations on what you can do and a few goals to meet so a player can "win." This update may take a bit longer since I'm not sure what I'll be doing and this will likely be a fairly large change to the game code.


Update soon

I was hoping to have the new build up already, but I have a particularly obnoxious bug that I really need to solve. The World Smasher Earth Borer ability sends the player to the bottom of the zone when it is used. I was expecting that changing the collision code to allow for stepping up would cause a few hard to solve bugs, so this isn't a surprise exactly. At any rate, I think I've pinpointed the problem and hope to have a functioning build up soon.


This Week's Update (Apr 14, 2013)

Going to try to post what I'm focusing on each week.

This week's goals:
= add sounds to WorldSmasher character
= add some animation to WorldSmasher's abilities (some spin up to Earth Borer ability for example)
= add a few new grenades (bigger blast radius)
= allow for stepping up over 1 block instead of running into the block and stopping
= add a few new materials
= Fix a few bugs from previous build

Bonus goals:
= add lights

Weekly updates

My goal is to post an update once a week, probably on Friday. I will attempt to make this release as stable and bug free as possible. My plan is to try to implement a few new features in that time and fix a few of the most glaring and annoying bugs. If I am implementing a large feature the update may take two weeks. I'll try not to make the updates any less frequent than that unless something unusual occurs.