Build 53 is complete

Download here
Added music and fixed a number of region border issues with water and bombs. See all changes here.

Build 52

Download now!
This build is mostly bug fixes. Next week's build will be new features. This is likely going to be the norm going forward, 1 week of new features, 1 week of fixing all those new features.

Build 51

Fantastic! A new build is up and it is chock full of fun changes. Go to the download tab to get it.

Builld 50 is complete

Got a lot of great changes to water done this week. Download here.

Build 48

I'm going to do my best to release somewhat stable builds every 2 weeks. This means that there will be less visible changes per build, but it should keep my changes more focused and allow for better feedback from you. Download the new version on the Download page.

Build 47

See the download page!

Saturday is the Ohio Game Expo in Columbus, OH. I will be there if anyone wants to come by and chat and try the game. I made a ton of changes this build and have settled on the design of the game after many, many prototypes. I think I've thrown away 3 ideas for every 1 that I've kept. I'll update this tomorrow with a few final bug fixes.

Build 46 ready

Well, this update took far too long but I didn't have much time to work as my 3rd child was born a few weeks ago. I didn't document very well this build but here is the main changes this build: